The future depends on what you do today

The future belongs to those who think ahead and embrace change with courage and imagination. They know how to link technologies and services and satisfy user needs — and to continually reinvent themselves.

We are living in a complex, uncertain and fast-changing and moving world. Every company, country or individual, is facing new challenges every day. Social, political, environmental, economical or technological drivers can force you to change; in times you might not be ready. The combination of these drivers will have an even more significant impact. Technologies like A.I., Robotics, Extended Reality, Sensors or 4D Printing, to name a few, are accelerating exponentially and changing the future, in all aspects of life, faster than we think.

Companies tied to legacy structures, infrastructures, culture, outdated strategic thinking, and focusing “just” on current core business, are good candidates to be disrupted by future-oriented, innovative, customer-obsessed, agile companies.

Thinking about the futures and understanding today’s signals and drivers of change will help you:

  • see possible futures more clearly & holistically

  • increase flexibility & resilience

  • be prepared for disruption

  • disrupt & reinvent yourself

  • create and adapt purpose, vision, mission & strategies

  • innovate

  • shape the future actively

It’s not enough anymore if you are doing what you have always done in your past. I am not saying it was not wrong in the past, but learn from it and change for your future. The good thing is, you don’t have to do it alone, there are many innovative companies, startups and people out there. You have many options, build partnerships, acquire startups, invest and build ecosystems.

A key goal you have is to find the right balance between exploitation and exploration. Meaning finding the balance between the existing products, incremental innovation for current cash-flow and to ensure future cash flows with new products, services and new technologies and processes.

With the words of Dennis Gabor: “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented”, start with me the journey of the future; let’s explore what the future holds and let’s take actions to make it happen, together.


Share your thoughts and give feedback so I can improve for the future and make this blog more useful for you.

Thanks for reading.