Nanobots & Super Athletes

Nanobots are making humans to super athletes

My last post, “How your personal digital twin will increase your health” explained how Avery, our Digital Twin, will be able to keep us healthy and also improve our health.

In this post, we are going to explore what it could mean, specifically for an athlete or leisure sportsmen like me ;) and sports.

Doing sport, sooner or later, the body needs to balance out electrolytes. Not getting them, the body reacts with loss of performance and cramps. Also, other issues can happen like strains or occasionally heart attacks. Many people, me as well or especially :), get sore muscles the next day and stays for some days.

What if this is preventable? Would you like that?

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Nanotechnology allows us to build everything on an atomic scale. Researchers around the world are also working on DNA based nanobots! These DNA nanobots can transform itself into whatever the body needs, sodium or magnesium, for example.

So what does that mean?

Nanobots are making humans to super athletes.

We know already that Avery is tracking the status of our body with billions of nanobots. Avery can help with enormous efforts. Nanobots are receiving signals from Avery to transform itself to nutrients the body needs. The nanobots repair muscles and tendons before injuries happen. But not just that, the technology can increase the performance, strength and endurance.

Having Avery and billions of nanobots in our body makes humans to superhumans, not just super athletes. Such technology has many implications of how we do sport or if we would need to do sport to stay healthy, for example. But I believe that sports won’t go away as a competition, but they will change, they need to change, to adapt to our increased performance. Running a marathon with superpowers is not the same as without.

What implications for sports will it bring?

Let me know your opinion in the comments.

Will it be forbidden to have Avery active during competitions, like doping? What if there is a booster mode which an athlete can activate?