4 radical future scenarios with a neuro implant

Neuralink, another company of Elon Musk, will soon reveal a working demo of their neuralink device. As we all know, technology is exponential and converging, so even if this technology is very new, breakthroughs and radical changes could come faster than we think. Let’s quickly explore four possible future scenarios which this technology could bring to humanity.


Carrier of an implant will be able to connect to a meta world. This meta world will be a virtual world, living in the chip, and thus we will be directly connected to it. Such a meta world could look like the real-world because of almost infinitive computing power. Each individual can join and leave whenever they want, like in ready player one, just without a device.


Being able to connect via a neural link to the meta world will let us increase human intelligence. All information ever could be stored in this meta world which will be remarkably easy for each human being to retrieve the data and make sense of it, like in matrix, where you can download knowledge directly into your brain. Solving huge problems will become a collective effort with swarm intelligence and all humans connected.


With a computer in our brain, our brain becomes digital. Everything digital can be programmed and extended and improved, also in combination with other technologies, which will mean the death of devices know today like phones, tablets or computers. The neural link will extend our capabilities to hear better, listen to music or make phone calls. Our eyesight will improve, and we will have a built-in augmented reality. Our intelligence will increase as well, in addition to the collective intelligence with humans, an AI will exist in the neuralink, which will co-work with our brain.


Augmenting and extending human capabilities will also have other impacts. With this neuro implant, in combination with other technologies, people will be able to walk again, because the chip can directly communicate with the sensors and thus recover body functions. Mental health could become a thing of the past.