“We are leaving the world we used to know”

unleash the world of tomorrow

The Future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”- William Gibson

Do you feel that the world is changing faster more than ever? It is because the world is indeed accelerating and mutating at speed, never seen in our history before.

The future is faster than you think”- Peter Diamandis

This is just the beginning. Exponential technologies, changing behavior, pandemics, dreams, and many more drivers cause warp speed alterations.

We will live forever. AI and biology will increase lifespan and health drastically.

We will live on Mars and in space, but also on and below water.

AI will become the dominant species.

Blockchain and smart contracts will replace our financial system and contracts as we know them.

Autonomous aerial mobility will change how we commute, where, and how we live.

We will live in megacities.

Reduction in fertility will cause significant issues.

The Metaverse will create a subculture and divide humanity.

We will see many more large companies controlling certain aspects of our life.

Geography and location will matter less.
AI, automation, and remote work will do no good for the workforce. Many people will not develop or won’t be able to develop needed skills.

We will receive a base salary.

Environmental damage will force us to overthink how we live.

Energy will be produced through human body movements.

Intelligent machines will augment humans in every aspect of life and improve our life drastically.

All systems will be connected as one, environmental friendly system, and create value for all humans.

These are some possible futures. Right, there is not just one future; there are multiple futures. These futures are heavily complex, connected, and entangled.

We are entering a world full of change, unknowns, and possibilities that will shape everything we do in the future; how we live and work. It will be a challenge to transform and adapt.

The world of the future is in our making. Tomorrow is now.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

To navigate this world, we need to understand yesterday‘s and today’s drivers, which shape tomorrow. We need to foresee the future, and we need to take action to adapt.

Navigate and Unleash the world of tomorrow.

hello. i am damir.

My focuses are on the futures 🙃; smart cities, energy, food, mobility, digital, sustainability, technologies, web3, and how all these are interrelated, connected, and entangled.

I have a degree in computer science, and digital business. I had my startups. I was successfully self-employed. I worked for various large companies in multiple roles. I continuously develop my skills and knowledge. I love to cook, eat, read, write, and science fiction 😉.

Be informed, be inspired, unleash and navigate the world of tomorrow with me!