“We are leaving the world we used to know”

Unleash Yourself and the World of Tomorrow

The FUTURE is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”- William Gibson

Do you feel that the world is changing faster than ever?
It’s because the world is accelerating and mutating at speed never seen in our history. And, It’s just the beginning.

The future is faster than you think”- Peter Diamandis

Exponential technologies, changing behavior, pandemics, wars, laws, environmental changes, startups, innovations, dreams, and many more drivers cause warp-speed alterations in our world.

The future can be manifold, and there are multiple futures. These possible futures are heavily complex, connected, and entangled. We must understand that the future can and will be different than today, and we must learn how to navigate the future.

Unleashed brings clarity to this chaos while helping you identify new opportunities for you and your company, your industry, and the world of tomorrow!

Get early into the future!

We are entering a world full of change, unknowns, and possibilities that will shape everything we do in the future; how we live and work. It will be a challenge to transform and adapt.

The world of the future is in our making. Tomorrow is now.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

To navigate this world, we need to understand yesterday‘s and today’s drivers, which shape tomorrow. We need to foresight the future, and we need to take action to adapt. Today!

Hello. I am Damir.

I am an experienced, future-focused, creative leader, doer, and driver of digital, innovation and transformations across industries, companies, and countries.

I am exploring how the future might evolve, how systems are interrelated, connected, and entangled, and how innovation can be accelerated when working together. Energy, food, mobility, smart cities, sustainability, technologies, digital, web3, and many more.

Break Free and Create the World of Tomorrow. Today!

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Damir Kusar

Futurist 👩‍🚀 Technologist 👨‍💻 Innovator 🧑‍🔬 to create a culture of collective intelligence, collaboration, and progress towards a brighter future.